The dentists in BGDENTA offer a wide variety of dental-care services, ranging from dental cosmetics, dental implantology, oral surgery to treatment of periodontal diseases and dental prosthetics. Our greatest advantage is the tailor-made and careful approach to clients.  In our practice, we use high quality materials and modern dental technologies of world-class value, thereby achieving excellent results.



According to, the biggest healthcare search engine, the costs of dental services in Bulgaria are 70% lower than those in Great Britain. The most popular dental services among foreign guests are placing of implants, ceramic veneers or teeth whitening. The clients save a lot of money because their dental service insurance which they have in their home country covers part of their costs.

According to the Irish newspaper Sunday Business Post, the most common types of treatment used by traveling patients are tooth implants, crowns and reconstruction. In comparison, the cost of a dental crown is usually around 715 EUR in Ireland, while in Hungary the client will pay 300 EUR, i.e. 58% less, and our price is only 185 EUR. The dental implants cost 1400 EUR in Hungary, which is 57% cheaper than the implants in the price list of the Irish dentists reaching as high as 3290 EUR. By contrast, these cost 1100 EUR in Bulgaria.